Mold Damage

December 9th, 2017 | Blog

An infestation from mold and the resulting damage is one of the most common causes of decay and discomfort in a home. This is especially true for properties that have sustained water damage or are susceptible to high levels of humidity. In the case of flooding, if the water was not fully extracted and the affected area completely dried, your chances of having a mold or mildew infestation increase significantly. Ventilation and air conditioning systems are also susceptible to mold if condensation becomes a problem.

When you experience water damage of any kind—snow and ice melts, a burst frozen pipe, a run-down appliance, or sump pump overflow—the damage to your home and belongings from water is apparent. But the aftereffect of mold can be just as bad, because it can worsen symptoms in people with allergies, cause headaches, and worse. The bottom line? Where mold lurks, it causes irritation and illness in the respiratory systems of people and animals and can ruin furnishings and permanently damage walls and infrastructure.

Mold thrives on oxygen, water, and organic materials in the air. It accumulates in dark places where moisture and dampness occur and are not cared for. This makes areas of leaky pipes, dark attics and crawl spaces, and underneath roofing prime spots for mold to grow and thrive. An old pipe that drips behind a closed cabinet door for weeks or months could be your home’s worst enemy. Or that musty smell in your dank basement means mildew and mold are already hard at work on walls, floors, furniture, and personal belongings such as photos, books, and old paperwork.

Mold starts out microscopic in size, but grows quickly once the perfect conditions are met. In its early stages, mold is not visible to the naked eye, and often the homeowner is not even aware a problem exists until it is too late. If you think you have a mold infestation, or know you do, the best way to take it out is to hire a mold remediation specialist. While home remedies may put a temporary or partial stop to mold, a thorough mold and mildew cleanup requires specialized treatment that only a professional mold cleanup company can provide. A professional can perform a variety of tests to determine if mold is present in your home, and if it is, the type of mold and extent of the infestation.

To feel fully confident in your mold remediation specialist, make sure they are certified and qualified to treat and clean your mold problem. Thorough mold remediation includes, beyond testing and identifying mold, actually cleaning it and treating the affected area so the mold does not grow again. Remediation also includes cleaning and restoring furnishings and belongings as much as possible to their original condition.

While there are multiple ways to search out and prevent mold infestations, when it comes time, you need the right care and company to help restore your home to comfort and safety. Our step-by-step process of mold containment, removal, and ventilation will get your home back to its pre-mold-damage condition.

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