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January 29th, 2018 | Blog

There are a thousand reasons that you can think of on why your house needs a renovation. The common reason for why we are receiving a home renovation inquiry recently is their willingness to Go-Green and converts their home into a cost-efficient and environment-friendly house. There are also others who have grown tired of the style of their house and they want a basement remodeling or garage remodeling to update their house that is suitable for their lifestyle and their needs. No matter what your reasons may be Margaaa Renovation is here to offer you their expertise in the home renovation industry and their professional and high-quality service in the area surrounding Fairfax County, Alexandria, Arlington, and Northern Virginia.

We are More Than Just Bathroom Remodeling and Kitchen Remodeling Company

At Margaaa Renovation, we are not only constricted in the idea of remodeling the prime location of your house. We are fully aware about the latest methodologies that can advance the other part of your house such as your basement remodeling, garage remodeling, attic and specialized renovation such as trellises, design, story addition, dormers, interior finishes, heating and revision of ductworks, roofing, plumbing, electrical, flooring, windows, door upgrading, installation of siding and a lot more to household in Fairfax and Loudoun County, Alexandria, Arlington, Northern Virginia.

Do not let your basement turn into a dungeon; remodel it to create an additional area in your house. We can arrange the electrical layout and plumbing of your basement which will prevent any leakage or possible deterioration of the entire house. We can also make it waterproof and incorporate additional earthquake components during the basement remodeling. We can also affix concrete in the foundation of the walls to make it sturdier and provide a better support for your house. We also have the ability to transform your basement into a brilliant and functional utility room, additional bathroom, or an extra bedroom for the guest. We will be able to provide you a comprehensive space planning that will give you the hint of what your brand new basement will look like. We will work closely with you and ensure that every part of the renovation is to your liking.

When having a garage remodeling, we will advise you to never convert the garage into a family room or a play room as you will have a problem with it when the time comes that you want to sell it. We will advice you that it is essential to keep you garage as a garage since you want a place that will protect your cars against the cold winter season. It is also a place where you mostly store your outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers, garbage cans, shovels and leaf blowers. If you really want an additional space in your house, we are well capable of creating an extra single story.

So the next time you will search for a company that provides an extreme makeover to your house such as basement remodelingand garage remodeling, there is no one that can help you but Margaaa Renovation.

If you reside within Fairfax County, Alexandria, Arlington, Northern Virginia, call us immediately and inquire about our specialties in renovation!

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