Flood Damage Restoration

March 9th, 2018 | Blog

Water damage is a danger that can occur a variety of ways and lurk throughout your entire home. However, the biggest danger and most serious cause of water damage in the home is flood damage. Flood damage is a real cause for concern this winter with the blizzard conditions and heavy snow accumulation from harsh storms. As temperatures then rise, snow melts quickly and seeps into basements and foundations when the water has nowhere else to go.

External causes of flooding in the home are the most common, such as from excessive rain storms that result in a rise in water tables, overflowing creeks, and blocked storm drains. Unfortunately, this type of flooding is also the most dangerous. Depending on where the water comes from, water from the environment carries any number of bacteria and toxins into your home and can cause serious health problems. Just think of water that travels over fertilized yards or enters from streets covered with trash or car oil residue – or worse – a damaged sewer line.

But not all flood damage is as obvious as flash floods. For example, in older homes, aging water lines can leak or the water inside improperly insulated pipes can freeze and cause pipes to burst. This type of flooding can be prevented with specific care and upkeep in your home, but if the commercial water damage is already done and flooding has occurred, you need to act quickly to repair the problem and clean up the mess.

The sump pump in your home’s basement is also a risk factor for flooding that can result from power loss or if the pump breaks down due to overuse. And, a leak or damage to your roof is possible during year-round seasonal storms and rainfalls, when it seems precipitation is never-ending. Rain and snow melts could allow extensive amounts of water to enter and saturate ceilings and walls, and cause significant damage if you don’t act fast.

The biggest concern victims of flood damage have is whether or not their home can be restored to its pre-flood condition. This is certainly possible, with quick action and a good understanding of the right way to get the job done.

In the event of water entering your home from flash flooding, snowmelt, or some other flood disaster, you want technicians who are IICRC certified to handle all your flood damage restoration needs. That means they possess the qualifications to properly assess the problem, extract the flood water, thoroughly dry and restore the affected area and belongings, and treat your home to avoid an infestation from mold – all to keep your family comfortable and safe.

With 24/7 availability in the Washington, DC metro area as well as in Toronto, Canada, our courteous dispatchers will get the process started to restore your home to its pre-flood condition.

Flood damage is unpredictable, even with the most attentive preparations. If you find yourself in the middle of a flood disaster, call Margaaa at 703-499-0011 right away!

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