Basement Water Extraction

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Water damage loves to migrate to the lowest level and typically that level is your basement. Standing water in the basement can be the leading cause of mold colonization and growth, and if not addressed properly can lead to hazardous conditions on your property.

Margaaa Restoration is a full service, certified restoration company who strives to be your one-stop shop solution for restoration and cleaning needs. Servicing our clients since 1999, our goal is to address any standing water in your basement as quickly and effectively as we can.

We believe in extracting any standing water as quickly as possible, which causes us to use only the most effective equipment to meet the needs of the space. From pumps to truck mounted extraction units, we will arrive fully equipped to get the job done.

Certified by the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) and staffed all hours of the day, we are trained, qualified and ready to take your call! To reach one of our trained professionals to discuss your specific basement extraction situation, call us at 703-499-0011.

Our Basement Extraction Process

All of our technicians have the knowledge to quickly extract the standing water in your home. The reason why we place such a sense of urgency on removing the water in your basement is that overtime, stagnant water can become more contaminated. In as little as 24 hours, water that would normally be classified as clean, could turn to what the IICRC deems “grey water”. When this occurs, our job gets a little more complex, and different techniques are required to be used.

However, when you do place a call to Margaaa Restoration services, we will follow a standard approach to extract the water in your basement that has been refined and perfected over the countless restoration projects we have completed.

Extract the Standing Water

There are several different types of extraction methods and the volume of water present in the affected area would determine which method we choose to utilize. Some of the methods we choose would include, truck mounted extraction units, submersible pumps and wet dry vacuums.

Vacuum remaining water with a wet/dry vac

After the water has been extracted, we take a wet/dry vacuum with a HEPA filter and pass over the affected area. This allows us to capture moisture that was left behind, along with any hazardous particulates that may be present.

NOTE: Not all wet/dry vacuums have a HEPA filter, however we place a high importance on leaving your space as clean and particulate free as possible.

Dry the space

Next our technicians will place air movers and dehumidifiers based upon the recommendations of the IICRC. Typically, we will place an air mover every 10-16’ and 1 dehumidifier per every three air movers.

As drying occurs, we will strategically take away any equipment that is unnecessary; only leaving the right amount of equipment to handle the drying levels.

Disinfect the area

By choosing a professional company such as Margaaa Restoration for your basement water extraction project, you will have access to the most effective disinfectants available. Once the drying process has occurred, we will apply a disinfectant to sanitize the affected area. This process will address any remaining bacteria that could have survived the drying process.

Sometimes, our competitors will try to save money and use an over-the-counter disinfectant. In our experience, these are not as effective, or as safe as the ones we use.

Choose the Pros for Your Basement Extraction! Margaaa Restoration Services

When water infiltrates into your basement, you need to have it addressed quickly. At Margaaa Restoration Services, we strive to not only be the best restoration company in our market, but to provide you an affordable rate as well. We have invested resources into our equipment, technicians and products to ensure you receive the best experience possible!

Certified by the IICRC, every single one of our technicians has the extensive knowledge required to extract standing water in affected areas of all sizes! We fast, thorough and affordable. In addition, we can handle all of your damage restoration and remediation needs. This means, if we find areas of the affected area that need to treated or restored, we have the expertise and resources to do so.

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