Frozen Pipe Damage

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During the winter, temperatures can drop below freezing which places the pipes in your home at risk. A tiny defect in the pipe line due to freezing water can result in thousands of gallons of water damaging your property in a very short period of time. If not addressed properly and in a timely manner, you could experience a hefty restoration bill as well as secondary damage.

Although you cannot always avoid damage to your pipe lines due to freezing, you CAN choose the proper damage restoration company. We have nearly twenty years of experience restoring properties to their original state within a respectable time frame and budget.

Not all water damage situations due to a frozen pipe are the same, and at Margaaa Restoration, we never take a one-size-fits all approach. That is why we place a heavy emphasis on properly training our technicians. This way, they can arrive to your home ready to analyze the situation, create a drying plan and get your property back to its original condition.

Preventing Frozen Pipes in Your Home

There are several ways you can protect your pipes from freezing during the winter months. Although you never can predict how cold outside temperatures can get, you can properly prepare for the worst weather conditions.

Insulate pipe lines

In the northern climates, it is very common that all pipe lines are insulated. However, as you move south, the pipes that are insulated can vary from different areas of your property.

The first step in frozen pipe prevention is to insulate any pipes that have not been addressed. The insulation process helps protect pipes from the cold temperatures helping to slow down the freezing process.

Keep the interior heated at 55 degrees or higher

The first instinct for property owners is to turn down the heat if their building is going to be closed or if the homeowner is going out of town. However, during colder weather, keeping temperatures below 55 degrees can put your pipes at risk of freezing.

In order to prevent a frozen pipe while your business is closed or you are out of town is to keep the interior temperatures a bit higher while occupants are away from your property.

Keep a small trickle of water running

One of the most effective strategies to prevent frozen pipes during a cold snap is to keep a small trickle of water running through your water line. Most clients fear their water bill will spike, but we have found this is not the case. If you think about it, the cost of running a small amount of water through your pipes is much less than the cost to repair the water damage from a frozen pipe leak.

Close garage doors

A common area for frozen pipe damage is the garage. Mainly due to lack of climate control, as well as uninsulated pipes, water lines in the garage are more prone to freeze. Keeping garage doors closed as much as you can, as well as keeping a small trickle of water running can help prevent damage for developing.

Experiencing Water Damage from a Frozen Pipe? Call Margaaa Restoration Services

Despite your best efforts in frozen pipe prevention, there are times that you just cannot outwit Mother Nature. When a pipe freezes in your home, and you experience water damage from it, give Margaaa Restoration a call.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year. No matter what time water enters your property, we have the staff on-hand to take your call.

We have repaired and restored all kinds of water damage from frozen pipe lines, and have the expertise required to get the job done right the first time!

Certified by the IICRC, we have invested the proper training to keep our technicians updated on all the recent industry trends. In addition, we have updated our equipment and tools to meet the changing demands of the industry. This ensures that when we arrive to your property, we will be fully equipped and ready to address any water damage situation.

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