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Hands down, the best place to add value to your home is to undergo a kitchen remodel. However, it may be hard to find a company with the proper licensing who can provide quality work to meet your budgetary needs.

Margaaa Restoration is fully licensed, bonded and insured to take on any sized kitchen remodel project. Whether you are preparing your home to sell, or investing in making your kitchen a more functional space, we can help meet your needs.

We have been restoring and renovating kitchens since 1999. During our tenure, we have collected valuable expertise to expand, open and maximize any sized space in your home.

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, feel free to give us a call at 703-499-0011 to discuss how we can maximize and update your kitchen space.

Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

There are many different reasons to remodel your kitchen, however the following 7 are the most popular. If one of these reasons resonates with you and you have a few questions, feel free to give us a call. We have dispatchers on-hand to discuss different options on how we can update your space.


When you talk to a realtor, they will tell you that the kitchen is one of the most important spaces when showing a home to a potential buyer. Believe it or not, a kitchen can be the tipping point for buyers to make a move towards a purchase. Did you know that a kitchen remodel can provide an ROI of 86% of its cost when the home is resold? Not bad when you factor in the enjoyment you will receive by using the new, updated and remodeled kitchen. At a cost much less than your return, why NOT take a look at updating you kitchen as an option for your home?


When people gather together for house parties, most of the time they end up gathering in the kitchen. Maybe it is due to the proximity of the food or cocktails, but regardless, the kitchen is a popular place to entertain guests. If you have a layout that does not flow, or causes your guests to feel cramped, you may want to consider remodeling your kitchen to open up the space.

Storage and Organization

In our Food Network culture, everyone is chef these days! This means collecting Panini makers, stand mixers, Vitamix Blenders and many other contraptions that supposedly make our cooking lives a bit easier. As you collect these items to aid in your culinary crusade, where do you store all of them? A kitchen remodel can free up space to assist in your storage and organization efforts. It can address the amount of space you need and provide you the right type of storage to meet the needs of your family.


Face it. If your home is more than 15 years old, it is probably time for a refresh. Over the years styles, trends and technologies change dramatically. Why don’t you infuse your kitchen with the style that reflects where you are today? A kitchen should reflect your unique style; not the builder’s generic choice, or the previous owner’s. Show off your own tastes in style and give your kitchen a face lift all at the same time.


If you purchased your home rather than built it, most likely you have a kitchen that needs a little bit of work. When you renovate your kitchen, you have a blank canvas to address areas that could give the space a bit more function. Enough room for two cooks, a sit-down desk for your children to homework, or an open concept to the living room are all examples.

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